Thursday, November 6, 2008



Performance Art Lab photos from the night at the Artery. The piece above was a 15 minute piece that displayed the back and forth physical altercation between myself and another. The interaction was doubled with the overhead real time discussion about the woes and dismay with my partner at the time. The dialogue began to pace the slapping. It was a really interesting experience. Especially because i invited my partner at the time, who of course was the only one conversing with his friends and heckling the performance. This was just another layer for the piece. Needless to say, once again another failed relationship gives me more art than love. Other artist showed wonderful work that night here are a few pictures, hopefully video soon to come.

If you would like you can click and view some of the pictures below and they will take you to the other artist websites.

(pictured below: Nick Teel, Ian Fernandez,, and Nancy Douthey, and Julia Claire Wallace

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