Monday, December 21, 2009

tizzle wizzle

i love the randomness of life. on day everything is happy go lucky sunshine and then bam! its like a jammie party turned knife fight. i just hope i can always be the guy with the stripped jammies.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i like what this guy has to say...

kurt sutter ... creator of SOA

i know. i know ... who cares about some celebrity producer/director... well i appreciate his " i dont give a fuck attitude." its a little refreshing to see someone push for a project they believe in a refuse to let is be washed and refined till there is nothing left...and then succeed. season two is phenomenal.

check him out... its as gritty as mainstream hollywood will get and of course its in the blogosphere.

here is something shiny..

Monday, November 16, 2009


i am so scared... of not being here tomorrow... but more than the fear of not being here... i fear not taking the present for the most it has to offer me. today has proven that!

people will suffer great lose... and there hearts will break. and for that i am sad...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

in the words of emily hynds

one of these please....

2 years in the service industry *REQUIRED

All through college and now my post grad years I have worked service industry jobs. The typical bartending, waiting tables, counter service, etc... and what i Have come to realize more so than ever working at the latest sucky service job. People are DICKS! Seriously, i feel like the phrase "the customer is always right" and Starbucks have single handedly stomped on the idea... we should have respect for our fellow man... fellow man most likely being your waiter/waitress. The idea that you have to shut up at take being down graded like a second class citizen because they called the wrong restaurant, it's taking a little longer than usual in the kitchen because you 15 deep, you are out of something, or just can't help them with there 20 freaking modifications. I whole heatedly support the idea that since we are a capitalistic country instead of requiring two years service in the army.... two years in the service industry must be served right out of high school. If you drop out, to keep from being fined you must immediately join the service industry. Something needs to change... here are just three examples of the last straw, that has fallen on the camel, that broke its back ..that has driven me to rant!

  • We will call him MR. MIKE McDOUCHE. Called in an order last night, of three pizzas (2-big bosses, 1-supreme) I estimated the man twenty minutes, which he complains about. Thirty five minutes later he shows up to claim his three pizza, when i call out his order...he stops me and says NO NO NO...i had four! I respond I'm sorry sir there must have been a mistake I will add another pizza to your tab and we can have it ready in less than ten minutes. When what i really wanted to say is well DOUCHE mcGOO.... i know for a fact you only ordered three i repeated your order to you on the phone... and we argured about the time it took to make three pizzas. But i didn't I just smiled and grinned. So his tab was 90 dollars. He grabs his cc reciept and puts the largest possible x through the tip amout and then writes the full amount at the bottom. Says to his friend on the phone ( yes he is on the phone the entire time) i'm not tipping "these" people...what a joke! Less than ten minutes late I hand him the pizzas and he (still on the phone) grabs them and walks out the door. I gnoring my have a nice day comment.

  • We will call her Little Ms. Hip Anorexic Chick... she comes into the bar i work at almost every other night. Her and her three little friends. These are very tiny girls who suprisingly drink alot! Every night she will do the same thing... order a dos xx ask to run her card. no tip. twenty minutes later. orders a white russian. ask to run her tab. no tip. thirty minutes later. orders a rum and coke. ask to run her cc. no tip. this goes on at least 5 to 8 times a night. IMPORTANT PEOPLE! TIP YOUR BARTENDER EVERYTIME YOU ORDER! not once or twice or if you have the money... if you don't have the cash to tip.... don't go out drinking. our prices are extremely affordable SO YOU CAN afford to tip your bartender... needless to say. Little Ms. H.A.C. drinks only half and half and coke now.

  • The general misunderstanding of how to tip.... drives me crazy. Restaurants.... 15-20% is customary, if your friend is working and you get the hook up. Tip close the amount you would of payed for the food! Not the 15 or 20% you would of tipped. Bars... a dollar a mixed drink, a dollar a beer(if you order two beer a dollar is still okay), if you order something fancy... like a mint julip...sazerac...BLOODY MARY(never on a friday or sat. night)...margerita... it is more than a dollar. anything less is kind of offensive. i.e the other day at hh.... this guy order 6 drinks. three of them being very labor intensive drinks (whiskey peach... 8 lemons squeezed . whiskey. peach. fill with ice. shake till frothy. fill glass with ice. strain over ice. fill with soda. garnish with twist.) it was hh so he got these drinks for two dollars!!!!!! his entire tab was 13.50 dollars for 6 drinks. he tips me three dollars. this was offensive!!!! Counter service.. for all my pizza and barista friends. it should be a dollar a drink at coffee shops. or a couple a dollars for a 40 dollar pizza order. everyone splits those tips. the kitchen and the counter. when you make 7 dollars an hour those tips really help. that tip line on the cc receipt isn't for fun.... and these places with counter service. these people are really nice and customers make the most absurd request. make this retarded nine ingredient coffee upside down on one leg...with seven packets of splenda individually added. oh and no tip! or can i order the most complicated pizza request with 6 modification for a specific time to be picked up when your already slammed, then add three more things when i show up to the restaurant that cause to kitchen to be put in the weeds. while there are three phones on hold and five more people just walked in...while you pay for your 50 dollar order but no tip!
Granted there are exceptions with cc tabs at the bar.... if there is some sort of special going on....etc... but overall. What i really wanted to get across was DON"T BE A JERK TO YOUR SERVER! Show us some love....

I sort of apologize for the extra long rant but really apologize for any grammatical errors, spelling errors, and indecipherable switches from first to third person.

here is a present for those who finished.....

embedding wasn't working... but please check this out..

OR instant gratification here...

Monday, September 28, 2009

lately it has become the norm to waste an entire day…. painting… sleeping… and typing away at the keyboard for one menial task or another. part of me finds it very relaxing--- sitting around and wasting 7 years and two degrees worth of borrowed higher education. really I laugh at the fact they gave me anything. the other part…the part where my soul is being suffocated is screaming enough! but what else is there to do when nothing else just seems to be the way it was …to subtract some of the dramatic flare… shits just boring. okay maybe that upped the dramatical anti… so to speak. I guess I just need to fully thrust myself into a project instead of half assin’ a few choreographed moves into a variety of project. from here on out…. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS… but until it takes full affect here are a few of my newly favorite shiny things… enjoy

Mr. William Elliot Whitmore

he will be in austin 10.17 @ Stubb's BBQ

the new album will be out Oct. 6th
they are playing FUN FUN FUN of course... and that following Monday the will be at the Meridian

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Found this on Le Love... is the left over food in the refrigerator... gasp. dishevelled hair.... and the careless mixture. words to live by....

thanks Le Love!

Friday, July 10, 2009

things you should always here part 1

you have automatic beauty.....

i love you.....

i like your smile....

you should maybe rethink those shorts.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

celebReality project

i have recently been spending my newly graduated life...on a couch... or painting. when i find myself on the couch ..... i usually turn on anthony's idiot box. i have come to realize.... its all reality television. people who might be a little quirkier than the next on this 20 something inch screen... broadcasting themselves for the world. recently or actually for the past year....this record label guy... he will be dubbed as not mickey rourke. has been trying to follwo robin and i around with cameras. we recently accepted. we will see how that turns out. i'm jsut so intrigued by the idea of letting someone into your life or even putting yourself in a mansion shapped cage to be prodded into a character. can anyone every be themselves with all the lights, cameras, and editing room floor boxing you in. whether your a dating show, documenting your family, working a deadly job, or even just trying to be the next big talent.... o h yes hurricane asking you too...hahahaha

who knows?

but i'm intrigued so i have started emailing, social network siting, yada yada yada.... questions to these celebReality stars.....well actually just this one question....

i give them the whole spill....yada yada yada... for art sake...

but the question is ....

what do you think reality is?

i am recording all the emails, dates, and responses or lack their off.....

than the following month i will be contacting and asking on the streets the same questions.... lets see how it goes... i will keep you updated on the blog....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

things ive been avoiding...... a short list

my future.....and the ten unfinished applications on my computer. after four rejections im a little bruised.

my reliant energy bill.... for some reason i never pay them till they are pink.

my lack of open communication.... and the growing double standards i put on people. kind of lame on my part.

four books i have wanted to read:girl with curious hair, stupid white men, communism for dummies, and maggie cassidy......

returning all these fucking televisions

programming in phone numbers so i can stop sending who is this text messages for the fifth time to the same person. man im a jerkola

washing my hair.

finishing a drink before it gets warm.

paying my warrant.

checking my voicemail.

find this album ......
so i can listen to this particular song

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

out of this world

for someone special....


who else remembers this show?? i was obsessed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sitting at the helm....

a few undeniable amazing moments so far in my teaching experiences...i scroll them down after they happen and just found a few today so here they are in all their transcribed bliss.....BLURP

i dont think i will ever forget darwin... the epitomy of traditional "vato" gangster. looks like a teenager, he is only 18, but has seen more than most people have at 40. his hair fresh with a new fade and a cadillace logo design.... he only speaks in spanish when talking to his friends and it usually is chalked full of guns, drugs, and profanity that would make FOX blush. but today i ust laughed because as his usual story was coming out of his mouth he was also fighting with the most vicious candy. his face was full of such concentration, trying to get his story about fucking up some dude who was rollin in his spot and chewing this long piece of rainbow powder sugar candy string. he picked up the least stick of the too ends dangled in his mouth careful not to let any sugar fall on him or his lap, all the while with his pinky out. the messier it got the dainter he became in the battle with the rainbow EXTREME candy. it really put the whole world into perspective at that moment.

something i wrote and was read recently....

Friday, February 20, 2009

connected? or obsessed with loneliness

i have never been single for very long. i suffer from the need to be connected.... not always in the traditional relationship...but either sexually or socially. funny thing is the two rarely cross for me. its a little twisted. i think it shows a character flaw or a keen ability to compartmentalize my emotions. either way. at least i have observed the nature of these habits and why i may not understand them i am fully aware they exist.

i once used every ex i had for a performance. i found them out, called, emailed, texted, or showed up on their doorsteps. i became acquainted again...just to ask one question. leave me a message say what you need to say. but whatever it is tell the voice mail why we didnt work out. i didnt listen to the messages until i was sitting in a room full of people. i reacted to each... i let everyone hear what they had to say. some said nice things, others said i still had their stuff, one said i have a keen inability to let people love me, and my favorite was when one finally admitted that they had fucked our therapist. no matter who they were....they were all so different. the only common thread any of them had was i once shared some time space and commitments with them. i realized then my only type was interesting people. i have to first be interested in you as a person before i could ever be attracted to you. so it puts me in a weird situation of never dwelling on one person for too long. its not that i get bored. things just get to a point where they are stale. its not that 5am conversation that makes your heart ache so badly because you've connected.... anymore.

im a little obsessed with first kisses.

recently has been the first time in a long time. that i have regretted how i compartmentalize things. i never thought someone else would be pushed away by my ambition...what am i saying. it has happened before. maybe i thought someone who is as ambitions as i would not push me away because if anything they could understand. and they also seemed to compartmentalize thing very well....socially.

in not so eloquent words. i was dropped. out of left field for me. it was quite a blow to my ego. usually i would be out there that evening filling the void. and usually very successfully filling the void with the next whatever. it never takes more than a week at most. so i find it very interesting that a week later im not interested in filling anything. im not sure if its because im just being too introspective over this... my ego is a little bruised. or if i was really caught up on this person. im not really sure. but its food for thought.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I absolutely love this project. Just asking a simple question can open your eyes to the hundreds of peoiple you pass everyday and they are all individuals.... they all have quirks. hopes.dreams.cheese factor components insert here....

I am working on a video project for the fringe festival in may. most my blog post for a while will probably be about that project 15 relationships 60 stories.

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

inbox, memory

Remember I know what Simulacra and Simulacrum really means and you should really clean your apt. It'll make things a little easier for you. I promise.

Simulacrum (plural: -cra, also -crums[dubious – discuss]), from the Latin simulacrum which means "likeness, similarity",[1] is first recorded in the English language in the late 16th century, used to describe a representation of another thing, such as a statue or a painting, especially of a god; by the late 19th century, it had gathered a secondary association of inferiority: an image without the substance or qualities of the original.[2] Philosopher Frederic Jameson offers photorealism as an example of artistic simulacrum, where a painting is created by copying a photograph that is itself a copy of the real.[3] Other art forms that play with simulacra include Trompe l'oeil,[4] Pop Art, Italian neorealism and the French New Wave.[5]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

till 4 am... i am a fan.

i remember when i first started working at the bird.... we would all work till about 4 and then spend the next three hours till the sun came up, discussing baseball, history, art, music, or whatever one of us could drunkenly ramble about... and occasionally kayo would start dancing with the mop. they were good times.

i am so fascinated with the social dynamics of the 5pm-9am crowd, that exist in this town.

1) mostly service industry, musicians, or students
2) no one is from the same socio-economic background
3) it is fairly incestuous
4) depending on which part of the street you might need to bring your own friends
i am sure it exist everywhere but what i know is here... its so eclectic and interesting to say the least. there are as many good people in the demographic as shady ones. which surprises me continually. so here is to the the 4am crowd as i venture into the stuffy world of the 9 to 5. i will always be a fan.

in the words of roy mata dancing on a bar top...."dont play... dont play"

Sunday, January 11, 2009


website link is here!

This website is amazing, it makes me want to bust out the last of my Polaroid collection and define my favorite words with snapshots.

The picture to the left was used to define assassin, bang bang!

assassin- as'sas'sin- [
uh-sas-sin] -

1. a murderer,
esp. one who kills a politically prominent person
for fanatical or monetary reasons.

Friday, January 9, 2009

attack fever....

i had been over the whole attack thing for a while... but after today... and remember the glasstire performance... i miss it... i wantz more SEXYZZZZ

this has been my favorite video to date... enjoy

check out for more videos...