Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the relationship conundrum....

A relationship is a specific connection between objects, entities or concepts. Typical forms of relationship are social relationships between people, causal relationships between events, and mathematical or theoretical relationships between components of a modelled system.

co·nun·drum Listen to the pronunciation of conundrum
origin unknown
an intricate and difficult problem

A few of my recent works have seen to explore this issue of interpersonal relationships and their ability to manifest into "intricate and difficult problems."

One would think issues of such magnitude (well personal magnitude being that they shape the inner landscape of my emotional architecture) would b kept locked away and kept for personal inquiry. Not me it seems. I recently have taken on the task of airing out all the proverbial DIRTY LAUNDRY.

Recently i have been created a series of paintings devoted to portraits of my most memorable relationships. The paintings are mixed media portraits. In the end each piece alludes to the eventual downfall but shows a picturesque vision of them and my emotional entanglement to the subject. They are coming along. Its interesting trying to reevaluate and interpret these feelings through any media be it paint, labels, or ink.

On the performative front "Reinterpreting
the Dialogue of a Working Relationship" It was a piece shown at the Artery for Houston Performance Art Lab, a local collective of young performance artist based out of UH. This piece was a mix between staged action and a sound installation. Both pieces could exist on their own both grouped together the experience was more true to the actual intention of the work. I will post the video later when i fill more equipped and separated from the piece to critic it. Since the piece just ended..... it is still too fresh.

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