Monday, November 17, 2008


i went to highlands today.

i wrote a story about my dad. it will be read tomorrow night at GrownUpStoryTime 11 @ Rudz. Come check it out.

Here is the story:

My father looks like hulk Hogan.

My father looks like a cowboy hulk Hogan, without the baldness, and usually wearing all wrangler…..

My father always cheated on my mother. She was use to the lying, the working late, the disappearing, the random women….. She says she gave up on the marriage the year after I was born. He had changed…

She spent most of my childhood teetering between ignoring and confronting my father’s actions. She eventually left my father when I was nine. She said she “couldn’t stand that son of bitch and he was so unbearable that she left a year before she could collect any of his goddamn social security.”

I remember my brother use to show up when I was about 12 he was in his late 20’s. He would talk to my mother and tell her stories about him and my dad. One night he told her this one…..

My father had an r.v. He would to let my brother drive it around when he was 14. Mainly because he could pick up women in it and my brother would drive him around. My brother didn’t complain because he got to drive. One night my dad had my brother and the r.v parked in a bar parking lot. When 2 o clock rolled around in came my dad and a particularly tall blonde woman. He told my brother to get on the freeway and just ride up and down it. About fifteen minutes down I-10 my brother heard from the back


My father came out of the back yelling and dragging the woman across the r.v, he opened the door, and threw the woman out and screamed at my brother…. KEEP DRIVING.

I left the hallway before my mother or brother could see that I heard them talking.

I have never been able to look at my father the same since I heard that story.

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