Monday, November 24, 2008

Bars bars and more bars....

It seems to be the norm around these parts. Every night same thing same people just a different hangover or a different conversation. i have a love/ hate relationship between the lifestyle. for the longest time drinking till six am was just another night and i am not sure if i am growing up or have just been absent for so long, but the reintroduction to this lifestyle, is too much. i don't think i am cut out for it. or maybe i need to think that way because i am moving towards something different so fast. it is hard to stop what i am becoming even if i wanted. in may.. Portland and start a new life or stay here and build on a pretty great life. do i teach or do i keep being taught. choices at any age are not easy and well at 24...they aren't life and death choices im making so i should consider myself lucky.

i know a life cant be in a bar but i am so use to the routine that i have created one around the culture. the same people the same faces...ants ants ants swarming around the ant hill with a lonestar bottle as the post. sad thing is i might know your name, your face, who you are usually seen with... but i have no clue who you are. you give fake hugs and hellos beause its crowd courtesy but when do we stop. stop being ants? i remember hearing that in waking life and my jaw almost dropped.

"i dont want a straw...i want real human moments... i dont want to give that up... you know?"
best line ever... are at least when i heard it....

THIS IS KIND OF HOME... or at least a window away but am i just an ant....

I really dont know how to end this one except with this clip

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samburgerwithcheese said...

oh lyndsay... we're not ants. ants communicate by rubbing antennae and squirting smell stuff out of their thoraxes. we don't do that...much

I think we're more like gummy bears all trapped in a box together. being shaken up every once in a while so that eventually all the good flavors are picked out and it's just us orange and fruit punch flavored rejects left.

sam = fruit punch gummy bear. delicious, but so so common.

lyndsay = piƱa colada gummy bear. hard to find by someone who appreciates the flavor but destined to be sought after and eventually savored.