Tuesday, May 19, 2009

things ive been avoiding...... a short list

my future.....and the ten unfinished applications on my computer. after four rejections im a little bruised.

my reliant energy bill.... for some reason i never pay them till they are pink.

my lack of open communication.... and the growing double standards i put on people. kind of lame on my part.

four books i have wanted to read:girl with curious hair, stupid white men, communism for dummies, and maggie cassidy......

returning all these fucking televisions

programming in phone numbers so i can stop sending who is this text messages for the fifth time to the same person. man im a jerkola

washing my hair.

finishing a drink before it gets warm.

paying my warrant.

checking my voicemail.

find this album ......
so i can listen to this particular song

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