Monday, September 28, 2009

lately it has become the norm to waste an entire day…. painting… sleeping… and typing away at the keyboard for one menial task or another. part of me finds it very relaxing--- sitting around and wasting 7 years and two degrees worth of borrowed higher education. really I laugh at the fact they gave me anything. the other part…the part where my soul is being suffocated is screaming enough! but what else is there to do when nothing else just seems to be the way it was …to subtract some of the dramatic flare… shits just boring. okay maybe that upped the dramatical anti… so to speak. I guess I just need to fully thrust myself into a project instead of half assin’ a few choreographed moves into a variety of project. from here on out…. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS… but until it takes full affect here are a few of my newly favorite shiny things… enjoy

Mr. William Elliot Whitmore

he will be in austin 10.17 @ Stubb's BBQ

the new album will be out Oct. 6th
they are playing FUN FUN FUN of course... and that following Monday the will be at the Meridian

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