Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Words words words...shiny thing

Oh the terrible television that sucks me. I wonder why the hell am i watching this? is it because i somehow have the issue that all my generation and a few previous ones have as well, relate to the pretty moving pictures. maybe? maybe not? some worlds when you have had a glimpse into them personally and then see them sensationalized is somewhat appealing...more so to point out where things get ridiculous and where they definitely got it wrong. its interesting. when i was a kid...well that is a long story or long stories (to be talked about later...maybe)

but this song i saw on this silly television series. made me pause. i dont know why...its not particularly amazing. but as i started researching the song.... i realized there was a whole world out there under this John The Revelator...that whole revelations thing and such.... and once again i find myself reading scriptures and parables. as much as i avoid religious scripture( i am definitely not a fan nor am i trying to become one of the whole god thing). i always end up reading and reading until my eyes are blurry. and well this time the reading started because of this silly show...and this song. this is not the song from the television series but it stops me just the same . not it stopeed me more. listen to him..he has memorized everything the words, the books, the pattern... it is amazing....

the song starts about 1:20 into the song

this is how the reading till your eyes go blurry started.... HERE

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