Wednesday, December 24, 2008


the first bike video i remember watching had riders spinning their wheels, backwards circles, and skids all over the place. i also remember there was this tokyo police club song playing in the background. the riders were just pushing themselves... seeing how every month someone else was putting out a new video pushing one another, working really hard to build their skills and tricks...its all just really amazing and it made me want to ride and push myself as far as i could go, doing things the bike was definitely not built for.

for a while i was riding constantly...than it fizzled. mainly because i think i was looking for approval or some acceptance (for lack of want to explain more that is the cliffnote version) which is bullshit... and i also let personal issues push me away... but now... now that i am just riding on my own... i have completely fallen back in love with it and for my own reasons. so here is to riding alot more in 09 and getting whip outs and consistantley landing nose bump bar spins!

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