Sunday, December 28, 2008

oh sam!

sam responded with this after the bar entry.... which i think will be expanded soon. to my theory and polaroid project called high school montrose.

"oh lindsay... we're not ants. ants communicate by rubbing antennae and squirting smell stuff out of their thoraxes. we don't do that...much

I think we're more like gummy bears all trapped in a box together. being shaken up every once in a while so that eventually all the good flavors are picked out and it's just us orange and fruit punch flavored rejects left.

sam = fruit punch gummy bear. delicious, but so so common.

lindsay = piƱa colada gummy bear. hard to find by someone who appreciates the flavor but destined to be sought after and eventually savored."

i do have to say... i am not one of those people who appreciate a pina colada gummy bear. so what does that say about my place in life. haha.

i have been locked up painting i will post them very the mean time. check these things out...

WORD LOCKS.... kind of awesome, the photo is hyperlinked to the website

trailer finally came out.... i dont think it will ever make up for how much x3 was botched but one can hope...

last but not least check out this underwater sculpture installation... photo is hyperlinked

Don'tPanic magazine always has great finds...

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