Saturday, April 3, 2010

tooth tattoo

I have a tooth tattoo.... I thought I'd just say it was a random addition to an already random arrangement of birds, blades, and moth wings. BUT... its not. This tiny tooth on my arm reminds me of my mom.

There was always a tube of super glue in the bathroom growing up. Sometimes it had a push pin next to it because the lid was lost and a new hole needed to be punched in the top. It was there to glue my mothers teeth back in. The years of meth and general party way too hard attitude...started showing in her teeth. The repercussions of staying up for a week straight went to straight to her teeth. I'm not saying it didn't have an effect on the general day to day events. It did. A lot. But the little super glue bottle sticks out in my memory more so than anything else. Sometimes i would get so mad at her I would hide the bottle or throw it away. Not sure what good it would of done...didn't make me feel any better.

I have a tooth tattoo that reminds me of my mother. Who I love dearly but never want to walk in her same footsteps. Every time i look at the tiny tooth on my arm... it just doesn't scream DON'T DO METH... it tells me... don't end up caught in a life that eats away at who you are... don't hide your feelings in momentary or week long indulgences. enjoy life... don't let your life keep you from living.

so my tiny tooth tattoo has a big part on my random arm.

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