Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(old old old) that dirty word hipster

(THIS IS AN UNPUBLISHED POST FROM A FEW YEARS AGO... thought i'd just paste it up)

So a few months ago, in meeting with the other P.A.L. guys, we read a few articles. some of them pissed me off, a few kept me really interested, and some i never picked up.

SO i thought i'd share the articles. The reason the articles were brought up because we were talking about consumer cultures and subculture, the fluxus of identity issues, and a few members of the group are obsessed with this term hipster....i don't know ... i'm tired of asking why.

Here are the links to the articles (just click the photos):

Hipster: The End of Western Civilization Article from ADBUSTERS, the article commentary is almost better than the article. In that i can't stop rubber necking the dead bodies on the side of the freeway kind of way...

We read a few excerpts from the new hit novel.... (insert saracasm) Renaissance Generation, the second coming of a Renaissance. This one is based on the intelligent and ever growing young consumer culture.. I will admit I enjoy any commentary or study of consumer culture. I found certain points fascinating, hence why the links are up her. But i went to the authors blog and she throws the term RenGen around so much along with Oprah I kind of stopped reading. She also mentioned starbucks as a counterculture.... yeah. Whatever. The Absolut marketing commentary or just the story is worth reading the excerpts from the book and many points she makes are valid. I need to buy the book and read the whole damn thing, but what i have stolen from the internet so far is pretty interesting.

A few semesters ago I was in a class with Andrea Grover and she was talking about how due to the internet, mass media, and the incredible availability for consumers and marketers to connect. The idea of subculture is ever more affluent, more people are breaking through that "i never heard of it because it has never been available to me barrier," which allows for a more specialized/individualized market place. I'm not quoting her... this is just what i got out of the conversation. SO with that i should probably throw in a link for the Aurora Picture Show. These guys are amazing, if your into video art, participation art, performance art, or just checking out one of the best video art libraries anywhere. Check these guys out:

And the last but not the least....
TimeOut: New York put there two cents in on the whole, hipster thing.

And then they have about a million links of the ongoing blah blah blah blah blah....

Really my only comment is, who gives a fuck? These article are very interesting more because of the obsessive nature to understand these things, analyze them, define someones identity to be so finally crafted that anyone can market to them.

Is is evil or is it good for the greater?

Second thing, what else are a generation or a few generations of young adults to adults suppose to become. A hodge-podge doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.... the whole idea of specified cultural identity based on where your family is from, what sex you are, or your sexual orientation is out the window. Not that these aren't things people should think about, should understand, be aware of.... but i don't care what color someone is, what sex they are, or who they like to fuck.... if i like someone as a person, if i like their work, if i like what they have to say. than hey.... i like them... not their perceived packaging but them. i think people are defined by more than one thing. no one is just a label.... so why should style, interest, and the self be so one dimensionally packaged.

of course in a society with so much technology and capability to connect.... people will be interested in bikes, rap, country, folk, graffiti, sculpture, farming, crafts, scooters, going green, eating tofu, eating Phở, wearing spandex, wearing boots, wearing nothing, or whatever they are interested in.... because they found something...anything that made them smile.

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