Friday, November 11, 2011

Adentures in roomMATING

As a 19 year old girl having a dorm roommate was awe4some… it was something that was sort of adventurous…something new and I had the top bunk. I did it for about two years and then realized it was time for me to move out on my own. I wanted boys to stay over… so the whole bunk bed thing was getting al little awkward.

Fast forward to 27 year old me… I’m pretty much the same person just louder and drinking a lot more. I also find myself living in a dorm room style situation again. I love my roommate we get along great…. the whole we braid eachs other hair…have periods together… I yell at her to stop watching those god damn kardashian shows…and it’s not such a big deal we share a room… well it wasn’t until a few weeks ago. Remember that earlier problem of the boys staying over. Well one difference of 19 year old me and 27 year old me… I have a lot more sex. So this rooming situation can sometimes be a problem. We had worked out a pretty nifty system of just noticing when someone was there and timing our different schedules to never run into one another….

BUT ONE FATED evening…

Leaving out most of the details… my poor roommate enters to see as she put it “THAT’S A BOOB….”

In a state of sheer embarrassment …we freeze… all of us. I and my partner just kind of looked at each other in shock and for some reason he reacted in a way I will never soon forget.

Roommate frozen in door …eyes as big as saucers… my partner turns his head around and says “OH HOWDY…”

My roommate and I both start hysterically laughing… uncontrollably. And for some reason the insanity continues and I thought it would be a good idea to share…”its cool ..i think we were finished.”

Needless to say 27 year old needs to get my shit together and my own bedroom.

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