Monday, November 22, 2010

keys to the kingdom.

statistics that talk about the annihilation of our planet are pretty shocking because they're are so many... any they have little to no shock value to us. it doesn't matter what type of text they are typed or scrawled in ...they are usually looked over and forgotten about within a few days.

its interesting how foundations, psa's, music videos, artist, or non-profits try so hard to spoon feed the gravity of situations to the masses and all the public does is donate a dollar to wear a rubber bracelet. its kind of sickening how organizations exchange messenger bags and stickers to get people to give a fuck.

This is serious:
By 2025, 1 800 million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under stress conditions.

This is not serious:
Join the .... Street Team to Earn Free Shirts, Pins, and Other Merch for Helping Animals! It's All Free!

(don't get me wrong...helping animals is important. factory farming is disgusting.)
I understand the idea of marketing and creating a reach to an audience and goodies can entice that desire to join and spread the "gospel.." but i don't have to like it. i don't think creating religious fanaticism through the use of material items is such a good idea. it creates fair weather believers. and maybe it speaks to the moral compass of the supporter - that time can wane their support for said cause. bottom line maybe their just weak. but i think you should also look at the way such supporters are approached. putting flashy music videos and snippets of information instead of teaching them how to research and given hands on experience with the gravity of situations...will just allow the "supporter" to be distracted by the next shiny cause and button pack that comes along. this kind of marketing is just as weak and short sighted and the fare weather believer. just spouting statistics to create believes is dangerous and taking the easier route. try working to create awareness that spawns ideas for solutions to's a lot harder but in the long run has a stronger reach and nurtures the individual thinker.

i guess what i'm saying is where are the think tanks that should be fueling the said revolution that will save us from our species. we're all up in arms... but with what ... anger or solutions.

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