Monday, August 9, 2010

till 4 a.m. -- i'm a fan.

i remember when i first started working at the bird.... we would all work till about 4 and then spend the next three hours till the sun came up, discussing baseball, history, art, music, or whatever one of us could drunkenly ramble about... and occasionally kayo would start dancing with the mop. they were good times.

i am so fascinated with the social dynamics of the 5pm-9am crowd, that exist in this town.

1) mostly service industry, musicians, or students
2) no one is from the same socio-economic background
3) it is fairly incestuous
4) depending on which part of the street you might need to bring your own friends
i am sure it exist everywhere but what i know is here... its so eclectic and interesting to say the least. there are as many good people in the demographic as shady ones. which surprises me continually. so here is to the the 4am crowd as i venture into the stuffy world of the 9 to 5. i will always be a fan.

in the words of roy mata dancing on a bar top...."dont play... dont play"

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