Sunday, December 28, 2008

oh sam!

sam responded with this after the bar entry.... which i think will be expanded soon. to my theory and polaroid project called high school montrose.

"oh lindsay... we're not ants. ants communicate by rubbing antennae and squirting smell stuff out of their thoraxes. we don't do that...much

I think we're more like gummy bears all trapped in a box together. being shaken up every once in a while so that eventually all the good flavors are picked out and it's just us orange and fruit punch flavored rejects left.

sam = fruit punch gummy bear. delicious, but so so common.

lindsay = piña colada gummy bear. hard to find by someone who appreciates the flavor but destined to be sought after and eventually savored."

i do have to say... i am not one of those people who appreciate a pina colada gummy bear. so what does that say about my place in life. haha.

i have been locked up painting i will post them very the mean time. check these things out...

WORD LOCKS.... kind of awesome, the photo is hyperlinked to the website

trailer finally came out.... i dont think it will ever make up for how much x3 was botched but one can hope...

last but not least check out this underwater sculpture installation... photo is hyperlinked

Don'tPanic magazine always has great finds...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

rad-iation music for x-mas

merry christmas everybody

...enjoy some radiation musics...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


the first bike video i remember watching had riders spinning their wheels, backwards circles, and skids all over the place. i also remember there was this tokyo police club song playing in the background. the riders were just pushing themselves... seeing how every month someone else was putting out a new video pushing one another, working really hard to build their skills and tricks...its all just really amazing and it made me want to ride and push myself as far as i could go, doing things the bike was definitely not built for.

for a while i was riding constantly...than it fizzled. mainly because i think i was looking for approval or some acceptance (for lack of want to explain more that is the cliffnote version) which is bullshit... and i also let personal issues push me away... but now... now that i am just riding on my own... i have completely fallen back in love with it and for my own reasons. so here is to riding alot more in 09 and getting whip outs and consistantley landing nose bump bar spins!

Monday, December 22, 2008

xxx-mas!!!!!! boys and girls!

here is a little help if you still need a date...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

take this!!!! breakfast on pluto!

break·fast (brkfst)
The first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning.
v. break·fast·ed, break·fast·ing, break·fasts
To eat breakfast: We breakfasted on the terrace.
To provide breakfast for.

Broad·way (brôdw)
1. A thoroughfare of New York, the longest street in the world. It begins at the southern tip of Manhattan and extends about 241 km (150 mi) north to Albany.
2. The principal theater and amusement district of New York City, on the West Side of midtown Manhattan centered on Broadway.


so a few days ago....i overheard something that i am sure will become legend soon enough

most people who regular the montrose haunts know Jay Merritt and Michael Hardin, they are nice fellows but after the story i heard.... it might be debatable. they are no longer nice guys.... but HILARIOUS guys!
their poor friend Matt Archer, who is a very nice young man, was hanging out with a certain young lady, who will go unnamed for now. the next morning when she was leaving his residence. Michael had already called Jay the night before to prepare.... breakfast on broadway. as the young lady walked the walk of shame.... trying to not make contact with said roommate and friend: pancakes, strawberries, bacon, and eggs were all being prepared in her honor. Merritt manned the batter and Hardin was scrambling eggs....

YES it gets BETTER!!!

She almost made it out the door before Sinatra and Hardin came fluttering out of the kitchen....... asking but telling her at the same time... NO! NO! NO! NO! STAY STAY STAY.... we made breakfast.... FOR YOU! come on ...if you leave it will just hurt my feelings, just a few bits!!!! hey hey hey hey...huh?!?!?! alright sit down!!!

breakfast was ready about 10 minutes after this.... i heard them say it was the most epic an akward 10 minutes fo their lives. mainly because hardin was hanging out in only his snoopys undies and jay had somehow procured a giant man onesy- with feet holders and all. when the eggs were scrambled and the pancakes cooked.... she was place on the couch with a plate in front of her. before she had one bit in her mouth.....


breakfast on broadway.... hardin and jay come in singing the news.... one flying kick at a time.... she finished her breakfast and rain. little does archer know... that will probably be the last time that house sees her.

it might have looked a little like this

or this

or this

good times!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

There was SNOW yesterday.... it was amazing. Well for houston, tx it was absolutely fantastic.

Snow ball fights were had!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Words words words...shiny thing

Oh the terrible television that sucks me. I wonder why the hell am i watching this? is it because i somehow have the issue that all my generation and a few previous ones have as well, relate to the pretty moving pictures. maybe? maybe not? some worlds when you have had a glimpse into them personally and then see them sensationalized is somewhat appealing...more so to point out where things get ridiculous and where they definitely got it wrong. its interesting. when i was a kid...well that is a long story or long stories (to be talked about later...maybe)

but this song i saw on this silly television series. made me pause. i dont know why...its not particularly amazing. but as i started researching the song.... i realized there was a whole world out there under this John The Revelator...that whole revelations thing and such.... and once again i find myself reading scriptures and parables. as much as i avoid religious scripture( i am definitely not a fan nor am i trying to become one of the whole god thing). i always end up reading and reading until my eyes are blurry. and well this time the reading started because of this silly show...and this song. this is not the song from the television series but it stops me just the same . not it stopeed me more. listen to him..he has memorized everything the words, the books, the pattern... it is amazing....

the song starts about 1:20 into the song

this is how the reading till your eyes go blurry started.... HERE